Thursday, January 10, 2008

This and that

This single-parent stuff is getting old.
I really don't know how people do it, year after year.
I think I'm having such an attitude problem because we've all been sick for most of the last 3 weeks and I'm going stir-crazy.
E1 was home from school yesterday and today too. Looks like her fever broke, or I was calling the doctor today... again.

It also seems as if maybe it looks like I'm handling all of this too well. No one seems to want to help or offer help any more... except my wonderful neighbor, who has her own very busy schedule, has helped when I've asked. She's retired and widowed, but leads an extremely busy life... she is an amazing woman. Her husband was an amazing man also, he's missed around here. People that promised so much before Stuntman left, have totally forgotten what they said... even when I ask for help... nada. It surprised me, those that I thought would be the biggest help, aren't, and those that I didn't even think of (my neighbor) are the best. She really is a blessing.

and now... looks like the Girl Scout leader for the troop has flaked out... that leaves me, the assistant-leader, to do almost everything. Last year I said that I couldn't continue as leader, given that I was going to have my hands full this year with 3 kids, the dogs, the house, a 30 hr/week at-home job, etc., etc., but now here I am, right back to leader again. After this year, I'm finished with Girl Scouts. I'm just saying "no". I'll do the best job that I can to finish the year... I don't want to disappoint the girls, but that's it.

OK... I'm going to end with some positives so I don't sound like a total bee with an itch (as my niece would say).

One thing, since I've had a cold for the last couple weeks and not much of an appetite, I've lost 4 pounds, and I can take off my jeans without unbuttoning them... time to buy new jeans.

My tattoo is past the crusty/scabby stage, and is all pretty now.

I sat and read a book with E3 today, for 45 minutes! He has never liked to sit for that long. Usually he uses the book as a frisbee after the first minute. He really likes the Eric Carle book, The Very Busy Spider.

Now back to the circus.

*update-noon 1/10/08
Went to the doctor... all three E's have strep throat. I probably have it too, I have a call into my doctor. Waiting to pick up prescriptions.


Ann M. said...

I'm sorry that your family is still sick! Hopefully, with E1's fever broken, this is the end of that....I am glad that you have at least one neighbor willing to help you. I wish that I had something better to say than that... Is it possible for you to find another assistant leader? Maybe there's another mom out there who would be willing to help out with the troop too, especially given the circumstances?

trying said...

The boys are all sick here too so I feel your pain! The Very Busy Spider is also VERY popular in our house. Not that its a tough but I have it memorized in perfect order! Have you tried Knuffle Bunny its adorable!

Stinks about the girl scouts and people flaking out. It's almost as if you would rather folks not offer to help you if they didnt really mean it. Hope it turns itself around, but you sound like your the perfect fit for troop leader!

Marine Wife said...

Hope things improve soon for you. I know it's a tired line but keep hanging in there, even if only by your fingernails. If it's true that that which doesn't kill you makes you stronger, you really will be Wonder Woman by the end of this deployment! :D

Buck said...

Wow, TripleE. When it rains, it pours, eh?

I hope things get better, especially in the health department. Things are always harder when you don't feel well...and I know about dealing with sick kids. NOT fun.

jan wesner said...

Wish we lived closer so I could help you out - I know just how you feel!

TripleE said...

Thanks everyone...
It actually helped venting all of this into the post.
Tomorrow is another day, and now we are all on antibiotics, and recovering.

trying said...

I hope that once everyones on the meds that you all kick all the germs to the curb for a while! You deserve a break from the germies.

23y/o Army wife/SAHM said...

"It also seems as if maybe it looks like I'm handling all of this too well. No one seems to want to help or offer help any more..."

Ugh..I could have written that myself. :( And I only live a little more than an hour from family!

Sorry to hear that everyone is sick. Hope everyone gets better soon!!