Tuesday, January 8, 2008

Here She Comes... Miss America.....

Thanks to Dude Where's the Beach and Gazing at the Flag, I'm aware that there is an "America's Choice" online competition for a 16th finalist in the Miss America pageant.

This year's Miss Utah is Sgt Jill Stevens. She is a member of the Utah National Guard and served a 15 month tour to Afghanistan as a medic.
You can vote for her each and every day until Jan. 26th.
Use this link, click on Utah and follow the directions.

Hopefully our next Miss America will know enough not to make a statement like the one quoted by Toby Nunn at Northern Disclosure. Read Toby's post regarding the recent USO visit from the current Miss America.

*update* oops... I got confused.. I know, rarely happens here ;),
Sgt Stevens is in the Miss America pageant and it was Miss USA that was on the USO tour that I mentioned above. I always get those two confused.


trying said...

Surely after that comment the USO folks had a short conversation with her!

Vypergirl said...

Well, I didn't even know there were 2 different titles to get them mixed up!! Shows how much I pay attention huh???