Friday, January 4, 2008

Back to "normal"

Normal, whatever that is...
I didn't think I'd make it through the day. I awoke with a nasty migraine today. It is nearly impossible to feed/clothe tiny kiddos when you have a migraine, but it got done... somehow, mainly with my eyes closed. By 10 am, the migraine was just a tingle and I was back to the land of the living... so much cleaning to do, but I just started, didn't go crazy or anything.
Today, E2 found her ACU uniform and put it on. She wanted to make sure that it fit so she could wear it to go pick up Daddy at the airport. Stuntman has leave in less that 2 months, so she is getting a little excited. Hopefully time will fly by until then.
Since the kids and I have been sick most of the week, they are getting a bit of cabin fever. They are driving me batty.
E3 is feeling better and has returned to his usual routine of dumping stuff on the floor, flushing things down the toilet, and running around without his diaper (he's figured out velcro, on to duct tape).
E1 goes back to school next week. She began work on her science fair project. She was doing something with Chocolate Chip, but he died, so she's using Roxie the dog now. Seeing if there are different foods that they prefer, her idea. Not bad for a 2nd grader. She's been learning charts and graphs at school, so she plans on doing a lot of those. I'm one of the parents that insist she does her own work... I don't touch a thing. It's pretty obvious which students have more than just "guidance". I'll help her organize her thoughts a bit, but it is amazing what kids can do if you just let them do it.
Looking forward to a nice, rainy weekend!


A Soldier's Wife..... said...

Hoping you are feeling better and you enjoy your nice "rainy weekend"

I'm one of those parents too....well unless the child forgets to tell me about the project, which Dennis seems to be famous for of late....its usually the night before and we do the mad rush to finish it at midnight....the joys of a 9yo boy!!!

Sounds like a cool project!


Buck Pennington said...

Wow, my hat's off to you, TripleE. I suffered from migraines for years and the ONLY thing I could do while in the throes of one was lay in a dark room and moan. The thought of having to deal with three kids and a migraine simultaneously sends chills down my spine.


And your line ("he's figured out velcro, on to duct tape") made me LOL!

liberal army wife said...

sorry 'bout the migraine. My day was filled with one too. I don't think anyone at work figured it out... but I sure felt out of it, especially when the pill hit.. and that loopy feeling..

Duct tape! great idea. that drove me nutso, the take it off and run around...

that project - very good for her. and for you. I'm one of those "you do it"... one could always tell at the Derby (cubscouts) when a dad/airplane designer had done the car, and when the kid had!


trying said...

I feel your pain with migraines. Thankfully since having kids they have become fewer and farther in between. Makes the stretch marks worth it! I'm sure you have tried everything but I have found that sometimes having some caffeine or taking a shower to help. That and medicine lots of medicine.

E1's science fair project sounds like a great idea! Good for you for offering just "guidance". It's so important for parents to help their kids figure things out on their own.

Kelly said...

Hope you are feeling much better. I agree with the kids doing their projects themselves idea. You're a great mom for doing that. It teaches your kids responsibility.

So duct tape huh? Is this what I have to look forward to? Is it just a boy thing because I didn't go through that phase with my daughter. Ahhh....the joys of parenthood.