Tuesday, January 1, 2008


I've taken down the ornaments, the tree, the lights... and almost had a another breakdown.
New Years Eve was fun. We went to a party that celebrated at 9pm (NY Times Square ball drop). We went home shortly after that. E1 and I stayed up until midnight. The first time for her, she was so proud of herself. The first time I made it until midnight for many years too. Stuntman and I never go out on New Years Eve. We choose not to be on the roads with all of the drunks. We stay home, snuggle on the sofa and watch a movie. We usually fall asleep well before midnight.
Of course we watched the Rose Parade today. Heard the jets fly over, but didn't go outside to see them. Just not the same without Stuntman here.
Before the parade, the local Fox station was interviewing a bunch of Anti-War/Impeach Bush protesters. I had heard that there was going to be a bunch at the parade. I wish the media hadn't given them the attention that they did, it pissed me off.
During the parade, as the Marine Corps band marched by, I saw that the crowd was cheering and giving a standing ovation. It brought tears to my eyes. It made up for the protesters earlier, and shows how the majority of Americans really feel.


trying said...

Happy New Years! I hope you have a peaceful and blessed new year and your love is home safe and sound with you and your kids soon. (well as soon as soon can be : )

Buck Pennington said...

I thought about you while watching the parade yesterday, TripleE, wondering if you were there "in person," or if you were watching on teevee. I didn't see any protesters, Thank God. Perhaps they were on NBC (I was watching ABC) or maybe they were on while I was refreshing my drink and I missed 'em. Whatever.

Happy New Year...and I hope the first few months of 2008 just fly by for you and Stuntman.

A Soldier's Wife..... said...

It's a breakdown free year!!!! :D hugs on that by the way.....I kind of had a moment when at 11pm while we all sat around the fire and we stood for TAPS....just an hour before the day would end and turn to the new year!

We too, do not go out for New Years and so I did the "friends around the fire" thing and it was nice, but it too, was not the same.....

It was also the first year I did not watch the ball come down on TV, I did not watch TV at all, we welcomed the new year in via my cell phone countdown and heard the noise all around us as it hit it right at midnight! The hint that there were going to be protesters was enough for me to not want to watch it....

I'm for one am glad it's over!

Happy New Years!