Thursday, June 19, 2008


I hadn't been to that corner of the yard for a couple days... ALL of the apricots were ripe. I guess that's what happens when the afternoon temps reach over 100 degrees for two days in a row. Speed-ripening.
All of the plums ripened as well.
I picked a million apricots, give or take, and just as many plums. The trees look as if they haven't been touched.
I'm in the process of making a batch of apricot sauce and a batch of plum-apricot jam.
My favorite is apricot sauce over vanilla ice cream...mmmmmm.
I have a Kerr Jar recipe book that was published in the 1940's. I need to scan it because it's falling apart. My mom canned and/or froze everything she could get her hands on. I remember fondly the assembly lines in the kitchen.
I don't remember canning anything last year. It was at the beginning of the deployment and I was barely holding it together. Later, I got into a groove.
I can't wait for a nice bowl of vanilla ice cream with apricot sauce later tonight. I emptied my desk of work last night, so I am free to snuggle on the sofa with Stuntman and eat ice cream. I'm sure we can think of a way to burn the calories.


Bon said...

MMMM Apricots. Plums. My Mom used to make plum jam (she canned everything too-thank goodness or I wouldn't know how), it was so yummy.

In my old house in the sunny place I had fruit trees. Your post reminded me of multiple boxes of key limes going out at certain times of year. I miss being able to have fruit trees.

Guard Wife said...

My grandma and aunt used to can ALL the time. My mom, not so much, but my grandma and/or aunt babysat for us anyway so we were ALWAYS in their kitchens. Nothing hotter than canning tomatoes in the dead of about 'hot stuff!'

Vypergirl said...

Wow, you literally made my mouth water and I have never had apricot sauce on anything before!! That is awesome that you know how to do that. Canning wasn't something my family ever did. I still need to go get my stuff for Trying's cookie swap - I am procrastinating!!

Inquiries said...

My mother cans and freezes everything too. This weekend I cut the corn off of 600 cobs.