Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Date Night

Stuntman and I went to a movie last night, together, alone, for the first time in nine years.
yes, nine.
We never really went on "date nights" like other couples do. We have gone out to dinner a couple times alone and had the kids watched by Grandma. We've been married almost 13 years, were married more than 5 years when we had our first child, and never really felt the need to go out by ourselves. Our "date nights" were usually snuggles on the sofa watching TV and eating Stuntman's awesome popcorn. He makes awesome popcorn.
Our neighbor had offered to sit for the kids, so we took her up on it.
We saw Iron Man. It was great. Robert Downey Jr was perfect for the role as well.
At the beginning of the movie (actually 10 minutes in, we were late), there is a scene with HumVees, and one is hit by an IED. Stuntman leans over to me and says "great movie... great one to get away and relax."
I said "should we walk over to the Zohan movie?"
Stuntman said "no", with a smile, and we really enjoyed the rest of the movie.
Afterward, we stopped at a local bar, had a drink and dinner.
We'll need to do that again.

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Butterfly Wife said...

What a wonderful time. You should definitely do that more often. This Friday, we are planning on throwing the "kids" in the backyard and hitting the movies and dinner. :D