Thursday, June 12, 2008

I'll pay for it in the morning...

We had the end-of-year Girl Scout troop party at Jump n Jammin today. I had never been there, but had heard good reviews, so that's where I planned it.
Three hours of climbing, sliding and squeezing through tunnels.
The kids all had a blast (I did too).

I have a feeling that I used muscles that I don't normally use at home or even at the gym.
I'll find out tomorrow morning.


trying said...

sounds like fun! and just htink it counts as excersise. sweet!

Buck said...

Ah, you and Lou...sore today. She from softball, and you from crawling around through various and sundry tunnels. In public, even! ;-)

I'm guessing about being sore, of course. On both counts.

Inquiries said...

Know the feeling! But at least you had fun!