Sunday, June 15, 2008


We went to the desert this weekend :)
Stuntman worked on his long-neglected bike all week. Mine... no.
With it being the last week of school, I didn't get a chance to work on it myself.
All of us were able to fit into the new truck and we had Stuntman's bike, E1's little bike and E1 and E2's bicycles in the back.
I wasn't planning to ride, but I brought my gear just in case.
Stuntman has a yz250, I have a yz125. His bike is heavy, and tougher to kick start. My stubborn streak helps with starting the bike. Stuntman said that he would start it for me, but I wasn't about to be stranded far away from camp without knowing that I could start the damn thing!
Stuntman insists that I did NOT ride like a granny, I felt so rusty, but it was fun.
The second ride was more comfortable, even hit some whoops, got a bit squirrley, but it didn't phase me.
I can't wait to get mine running...

ok... that was my fun weekend.. I'm going to see why there is a helicopter circling overhead announcing that they are 15 seconds from releasing the dog... now they are clear to release the dog.
WTF? gotta love LA.
At least the spotlight isn't on my house, but it looks like it may only be 2 or 3 up from me.
It's midnight. I guess that I won't be going to bed anytime soon.


Buck said...

You can still ride in the desert? The enviro-wackos were just beginning to gear up against the off-road community... big-time... back when I lived in Boron in the early '70s. At that point in time I had my choice between several races within a 100-mile radius of "home" on any given Sunday. And I could push out of my garage into open desert and ride for hours and hours, completely free of obstructions and/or fences.

Methinks things may have changed jes a lil bit in the interim...

Susan said...

Buck, it was the high desert up by Gorman. Hungry Valley SVRA. Since our bikes are 1997's they are green-stickered, just before the red-sticker was introduced. I still don't understand the sticker rules, but probably will need to when I get a new bike. My next will probably be a 4-stroke, so the rules are different for them as well.
Some of the open desert we use to ride is now full of houses. The amount of development is astonishing.

Buck said...

The whole sticker thing is news to me, yet it doesn't surprise. The green and red colors seem to be self-explanatory, though. I suppose I had a wonderful "window of opportunity" in the waay-back, and I am most decidedly grateful for that.

I checked out Hungry Valley's web site, and it looks like a cool place! Do y'all camp when you go, or is it more of a day-trip sort of thing?

Susan said...

Buck, it's usually a day trip, but we take the RV up there at times as well. I think we may be taking the RV out this weekend. I'm in the process of getting it road-ready.