Monday, June 9, 2008

Thank You

When I was watching Lifetime's show Army Wives last night, one thing kept me wondering; The closeness of those living on post.
I don't know how true to life this really is, I have never even been on an Army post (just a couple bases for ID's and such).
I found myself jealous of those women that I was watching (outside of the tragedy of course).
They are surrounded by others that "get it"... others that have been through the same thing. They aren't surrounded by those that compare a 2 week business trip to Seattle to a 12 month deployment to the sandbox.
I only know the name of one other spouse from Stuntman's unit (hi Rosie!).
I wouldn't know his commander if I saw him on the street.

I've mentioned my detachment from anything Army before. I knew that I must be missing something, but it didn't bother me all that much.

Watching last night, I really knew that I must have missed something this last year and a half.

Then... I realized that had the support that I needed right here. If it wasn't for the blogs that I read and the support of those of you that read mine, I would have felt all alone during the deployment.
I just want to say Thank You.
Thanks for being there and reassuring me that I am not really alone in this.


LL said...

Living on a military base isn't all THAT, trust me. A lot of wives prefer to keep to themselves. There are different cliques and whatnot too. So don't feel too badly that you think you missed out on some stuff.

And yes, blogging and the blogosphere is wonderful for support.

liberal army wife said...

I'll third that - I lived way off post during deployment, and having you guys in the blogosphere got me through it. The civilians around me didn't get it. But you guys did. Thanks


(army)Wife said...

Sometimes I feel the same way and wonder what its like to be constantly surrounded by Army. Right now, my hub is constantly Army: working on base, always surrounded by other soldiers, not having a civilian job. Me on the other hand, I live a civilian life with an Army husband and civilians don't understand how those two lives don't always mix well.

Sometimes I feel like I'm missing something since Stonewall is National Guard instead of Active duty. I wonder what it would be like to live totally engulfed in the Army world?

Buck said...

I realize this is a spouse-centric (is that a word?) post, but I remain totally impressed with the way blogging military wives come together. It's truly a wonderful thing, and there was absolutely nothing like it in my day.

Living on base/post has its ups and downs. There is support, and there are cliques, and there is (was, in my case) waaay too much gossip. But that's true with any community, innit?

Looking back, I think I preferred living off-base to on-base. Just me, of course.

Butterfly Wife said...

Well, Susan, you have been a wonderful battle buddy for me and I can't thank you enough for all yoru support. The nice thing about the blogosphere is that you can find people that you really connect with rather than geographical happenstance.

As for the living in the Army full time and living on post, well, I definitely be bringing that transition to you all and will definitely have the reserve/guard experience to compare it to. I'm thinking it is going to be a lot like high school, with salaries and guns. :D

Bon said...

lol @ BW. Let us know.

I have often felt like your post, and it is I who should be thanking you for being there.

Sarah said...

I lived on post during my first deployment. My street was tight, always at each others' houses and together. Now my husband is deployed again and I live off post (different post, different unit). It's a bit isolated and different. I miss my old on-post neighborhood.

trying said...

I get what your saying. I sometimes feel jealous of those that live on actual bases with a tight support system but then again, like everything else in life its what you make of it. I. like you, have found my support online thru my blogging buddies and its been a HUGE support!

Breanne Vasquez said...

I just discovered the world of military wives that bog this week- I have posted on many since then. I am amazed by it. I am an army wife - off post through deployment and life. I hope you continue to get the support www b/c It is a great thing.