Sunday, June 29, 2008

I'm going to Disneyland

Just having a chance now to sit down long enough to type about E3's birthday. We had a few earned Disney dollars left on our card so we decided to use them at Goofy's Kitchen at the Disneyland Hotel. It's a big brunch buffet and the characters walk around to each table for photos and autographs. We've been there several times. The food is decent and the kids enjoy it. Well, E3 enjoys it as long as the characters keep their distance. Too close, and he screams, but at the proper distance, he smiles and waves to them. Of course, they all came over and sang happy birthday to the birthday boy. I think E3 ate his weight in hot dogs and mac-n-cheese.
During the meal, Alice in Wonderland came over and was chatting with the kids. She asked E2 if she was going into Disneyland later that day. E2 excitedly said "no, were going to Ikea!"
You see, Ikea has a place called Smaland: an in-store supervised playground (and it's FREE). The girls have only been there once and loved it. You can leave your kids there and hour while you shop or eat at the restaurant. They give you a pager in case of emergencies and they only take a small number of children at a time. E3 is not potty-trained, nor meets the height requirement, so he wandered the store with Stuntman and me. E3 opened virtually every cabinet and sat on nearly every chair in the store. He also rode the escalator over a dozen times. He had a blast!
We didn't buy a thing, but did get a lot of kitchen and design ideas.
In the kid's eyes, as good as Disneyland, but about $300 (or more) cheaper.


Ann M. said...

that is pretty cool!

trying said...

oh we LOVE ikea around here. Even the boys love it. The key is to go during the week when its empty and really soak in all the fun.

the sad part... im not even being sarcastic!

Inquiries said...

Sounds fun!