Thursday, June 5, 2008

a new ride

Stuntman looks pretty hawt in his new truck.
I sold his old one while he was gone. That sounds horrible when it's said like that. We planned on selling it eventually. It was going to sit idle for 15+ months and depreciate while doing so.
He bought the same truck, just a model 17 years newer. The last one worked great, on and off-road. Especially off-road, which is where a pickup truck of Stuntman's spends most of it's time.
I HIGHLY recommend for purchasing a new vehicle. The price we paid was almost $5000 less than the sticker that was on the truck's window. Minus an additional $1000 dealer incentive. We purchased exactly what we wanted without the offer-counteroffer-I need to check with my manager-WTF!-just sell me the damn car already! garbage that you usually need to go through when purchasing a car at a dealership. We were in and out of the dealership within an hour.
*stock photo from, but it looks almost exactly like Stuntman's


Vypergirl said...

Nice! We just got a FJ Cruiser. New vehicles are always fun!

Inquiries said...

Nice truck!

Buck said...

Wow... your truck buying experience IS unusual, to say the very least, Susan. And thanks for the Overstock tip. I'll file that one away for when I replace the current ride.

trying said...

ooooh nice and shiny too! mmm and the new car (or truck) smell... cant beat that.

I'll have to let flyboy know about overstock.

liberal army wife said...

We used USAA when we bought our Prius. pre approved, no silly stuff. It was wonderful. And yeah, we are liking the car right now, with the gas prices.


Susan said...

USAA was great for us as well. Once we had the Overstock quote, I went to, told them the amount to finance and the sent an e-check. No hassle at all.
So much easier than trying to wrangle 3 kids around a dealership while you haggle and wait for financing!
If I could fit everyone in a prius, I'd consider it. I don't drive a lot of miles, and Stuntman's gas is all paid for by the company we work for, so we are lucky in that respect. One thing, I think we're flying on our next vacation and not driving the RV across country.

(army)Wife said...

Very nice!!

I already promised Stonewall he could get a new truck when he returned from deployment. I made him sell his a year ago when finances were tight. Big mistake: he was miserable and a month later we moved so a truck would have come in handy and he went full time with the NG (so more money). Had we kept the truck all would have been good, but he was still miserable in his new little Nissan. Sept. 2009 = new Toyota Tacoma.