Sunday, June 22, 2008

On any Sunday

I was sitting in church today, E1 on my right, Stuntman, E2 and E3 on my left.
I thought back to the last year. How familiar it was sitting here, thinking about what Stuntman may be doing at that exact moment, how much I missed him, how blessed I am to be surrounded by my children (even thought E3 may be breaking for the door).
Today, like last week and the week before, Stuntman was next to me, and held my hand during most of the mass. He's been home almost a month, and now we have a new "normal" Sunday... and it feels good.


trying said...

how sweet. glad you all are back together again and enjoying family life.

oh and your kids dont listen either? So deaf dog syndrome must be a childhood problem... why didnt the pediatrician warn me about this!

Buck said...

...and it feels good.

No doubt! I'm glad life is back to normal for all y'all. A great good thing, indeed!