Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Am I Finished Yet?

Why do I find it necessary to finish everything around the house while Hubby’s gone?
Is it because I am the sole decision maker? Anything that I want done…is done…no discussion.
I haven’t done that much since he’s been gone…just landscaped the entire back yard. It’s still in process, but so far the back half has been covered with a giant playground for the kiddos. Approximately 15 trees have been chopped down on the slopes, new sprinklers have been installed and beautiful ground cover will soon be installed. Grass is growing where there hasn’t been any for years. I have plans for the rest….
Inside, the living room looks completely different. Added furniture, took away other furniture, new bachelor-pad TV…
I need to stop now.
I realized this when I was looking at one section of the yard that is in need of a redo. Hubby and I discussed what we wanted to do here…extend the pool fence, build a gazebo and stairs to the upper back half of the yard.
I realized that I didn’t want sole decision-making ability on this project. I want to do it with my Hubby. Half of the fun of home remodel projects in the past has been working together.
I don’t know why I felt the need to finish everything. I don’t know what the future holds for us…when Hubby returns, will we stay here? Will we move to somewhere with a normal cost-of-living? Will he stay in the military? Will he have to stay in the military? And the big question…one that I keep pushing to the back of my mind … but it keeps coming back anyhow,if he doesn’t return, will I ever do another home project again. Maybe that is why I feel the need to have so much completed now. I really don’t know.

Due to requests, I'll post pictures of the work in progress
Here is the back-back yard...you can see the new grass in the foreground. Previously, this was hard-baked earth (Roxie ate the sprinklers) and a couple lame peach trees.

This hillside had 15+trees chopped down, it was dark and gloomy. Waiting to pull up weeds/ new sprouts

...so it'll look like this hillside after planting

I've never done the "checkbook" remodeling that Buck spoke of in the comments...until now. Most of this was done by checkbook. I just can't do it with E3 being the handful he is...plus, work has been extremely busy , and was this the reason we saved up prior to deployment?


A soldier's wife..... said...

I think we all go through this to some degree, when I owned my own home I was a little more anal retentive about it then I am now.....but there has to be a "condition" affiliated with what you are doing....

I seem to redo rooms when my husband is gone. I used to do some outside consulting on interior design, but with kids and schedules, I never went back to it after we returned from Europe....sure if someone asks me for help, I will chip in and give them some pointers one color choice, materials, texture, etc.... but for the most part, I never really share that aspect of my past....I guess I figure if I get involved in a project I will let it take over my life and since that isn't possible right now....I chose to forgo anything....so I am not sure which is worse....your's or mine....I do miss that sense of accomplishment though, I renovated my kitchen when my husband was on a 5 month deployment about 9 years ago...ripped the entire thing apart.....now that WAS SATISFACTION!!! I love demo when I'm alone! =)

Would love to see a photo of your back yard!

Shelly said...

Way to much energy ladies, maybe we need to give it a name, like deployment nesting...

I would also love to see a pic..

Buck Pennington said...

Hmm. You ladies put me to shame. I'm a practitioner of the art of "checkbook" remodeling, which drove The Second Mrs. Pennington nuts, as she was a lot like all y'all seem to be (read as: competent). But I really have ZERO aptitude for this sort of stuff, unless it's painting or digging...and I'm reasonably good at that.

I, too, would like to see a pic of your back yard, Triple E!

Buck Pennington said...

Thanks for the pics, Triple E. Your kids have a great place to play!