Friday, September 14, 2007

Back in Time

Two and a half years ago, Hubby informed me of his desire to rejoin the military. It was a shock to me. Of course I knew that he had the heart of a soldier. I knew that he was in boot camp at 18. He had traveled the world, Korea, Germany, Panama… He jumped out of many perfectly good airplanes… He left service several years before we met and vowed that if the Army ever needed him again, that he would answer the call.

Our civilian life was happy and comfortable. Why would he want to change that? He had a great, family, career and home. After the initial shock wore off, I realized that rejoining was something he HAD to do. None of my friends understood. They’re supportive now, but still don’t understand.

This train of thought began when I saw a DeLorean on my street today.

First, I saw how uncomfortable the driver and passenger looked…then I thought about the whole Back to the Future movie series. In my sleep-deprived mind, my mind went to the tangent of “if I could go back in time, would I beg Hubby not to sign those papers?”

The answer is “No”

I miss him terribly...most of the time I’m exhausted... but I’m also learning so much about myself. I’m proud of my Hubby and what he is doing. He amazes me.

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Shelly said...

What a supportive wife, like I said you military wifes are amazing. I have a feeling you are learning a whole lot about yourself also...