Friday, September 14, 2007

Those Eyes.

Things I do when I’m missing my Hubby (a.k.a. what I find myself doing all the time)

1. Wear his PJ pants…the ones his Mom bought him, Calvin Klein, I wouldn’t have spent that much on PJ pants!
2. Drink Diet Mt. Dew…his main source of liquid when he’s home.
3. Eat pistachios or almonds…his main source of nutrition at home.
4. Wear a dog-tag style necklace that he sent to me while he was in training
5. Listen to our dirt-biking music…Offspring, NoFX, StrungOut…
6. Watch videos on iMovie from his week at home between training and Iraq
7. Hug E3 and look at him in the eyes…he looks so much like his Daddy ☺

Any other suggestions? What do you do?


wendy said...

Beautiful blue eyes!

I wear his PT t-shirts as pajamas.

I check to see if he emailed...And I check again a minute later...and again...

I look above the computer at favorite photos of him and me together.

I'm visiting via spousebuzz - love your blog!

ABW said...

Boy does he have daddy's eyes or what?!? Great shot of their eyes.

Sometimes I will go back and watch movies of when we were first married and laugh at how ridiculous we are. I might work on a scrapbook page since I have a ton of pictures after 13 years of marriage, I don't think I will ever catch up!

Hang in there...

Butterfly Wife said...

Right now I've got on his polar bear PJ bottoms that I bought him and one of this old dress shirts. I like to wear his Blackfive t-shirt too. I write to him a lot. I read what he writes. I just keep me with what's going on over there. That really helps me feel more connected to him.

lala said...

I wear his PJ's.

I spray his cologne he forgot to take on my pillow.

I go running in his shirt from Basic Training and NROTC (it's forever old and so comfortable).

Found your blog thru Mel @ Cool, Calm, and Collected... Hope you don't mind my dropping by!

Buck Pennington said...

Gotta add my "me too" comment on the eyes... Very well-done, Triple E!