Wednesday, September 26, 2007

It's All About Me...and Tag, You're It!

Stephanie at She Who Waits and A Soldiers Wife both just tagged me with my first meme. I need to reveal 7 things that most people don’t know about me. This is hard … I reveal the oddest things on posts and comments sometimes.
1. Most don’t know that although I have 3 kids now, we went through years of infertility. I’m done now.
2. I regret to say that I am on my second marriage. The first was right out of college. It was closer to an episode of “Cops” than a marriage. When I finally left my first husband, I left with some clothes and my sanity and vowed to never marry again…then I met Hubby ☺ My wonderful Hubby said the reason for the marriage must have been to keep me off the market long enough to meet him.
3. My doggies full names are:
Pumpkinhead(large orange head and Jack-o-lantern smile)
Sparky-the-Space Dog(from an old episode of SNL)
and Roxie (as in dumb as a box of rocks)
4.My relatives include psychologists, farmers, rocket scientists, bank robbers, and everything in between. I’m the “between”.
5. I can’t lie to save my life.
6. I don’t like receiving jewelry as a gift…or flowers…it’s just not “me”. Hubby learned this early.
7. I raced ONE time on my dirt-bike. Just to say I finished, many did not. It was 2 hours of hell through the desert by 29 Palms. Lets just say that sand and a 2-stroke 125 do not play well together. I’m too polite to race, I let people by if they want to pass. I did place 1st in my class…old lady. I enjoy screaming around and finding little jumps a lot better. I’ve hung up my helmet for now and plan to get a calmer bike when Hubby returns.

The toughest part is who to tag… I want to know more about these’re it!

and last but not least:
Guard Wife


A soldier's wife..... said...

I actually relate to some of what you have revealed....and I love the names of your doggies....

I love how your husband relates your first marriage to the two of you and God must have know what he was doing in regards to your children...I had problems conceiving too, I have three and I was done at the third too....but I love babies, especially at my age, when I can give them back! :D

Buck Pennington said...

Been there, done that, Triple E! ;-)

Answers here.

Not in my eight things, but we have something else in common. I raced motocross (in Japan and SoCal) and Hare and Hounds (open desert racing) in AMA District the waaay-back. This was back in '68 - '72, before the Nipponese began building "real" MX bikes, and the only motocrossers on the market were Bultacos, CZs, Greeves, Maicos, etc. Marques you probably never heard of, LOL!

And I love your dogs' names, too!!

ABW said...

Hmmmm...a lot of these could apply to me too! Even the bank robber to psychologist one. Are we related? LOL

Shelly said...

I love your pups names, very creative..
Sounds like you found your soul mate, it took me the second time to..

Thanks for sharing..

TripleE said...

Buck, I've heard of Maicos, but that's it. I was busy being born in '68.
Hare and Hounds is crazy! and those older bike's suspension...ouch!
I felt bad about the Roxie name...she really is so sweet, but just not the brightest bulb in the hallway. Good ol' Box-o-rox

Lemon Stand said...

I don't know why it has taken me so long to blogroll you. Amnesia? Four kids? Never ending emergencies?

BTW, I think it is neat how this Meme traveled around after my blog. I usually don't like Meme's but this was simple and I got to learn more about the milspouses I was curious about.

TripleE said...

Lemon, I read the responses to this one as it travelled around, it was fun...thanks for starting it, it was an easy one.
On the blogroll do you get anything done with 4 kids? Wow.

Lemon Stand said...

What makes you think I get anything done? :oP