Saturday, September 8, 2007

Happy Anniversary

I thought this wouldn’t be tough.
Then why am I typing through tears?
Eleven others have passed by quietly.
Twelve years ago tonight I really had no idea as to the life that lay ahead.
I have had a wonderful dozen years with a wonderful man.
I just want to get on with several dozen more.
It seems as if our life is on hold, but it also seems to pass us by so quickly.

Hubby called just as I posted this. It's our anniversay there already. He wished me Happy Anniversary. I love that man.


Shelly said...

HAPPY ANNIVERSARY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I'm glad he called you.. 11 years, WOW Congratulations...


Butterfly Wife said...

Congratulations. May you have many, many more dozens to come. :D

Stephanie said...

Congratulations and Happy Anniversary. Good timing on hubby's part.

ilvmygi08 said...

Happy anniversary!!! I hope, too, that you have many MANY MANY more decades together. ;-) *huge huge hug!*

Melinda said...

Happy Belated Anniversary. :) Glad you were able to speak to your sweetie. It's so tough to be separated on special days like our anniversary, but make a point to celebrate once he's home. Pick the 8th of a month and make sure you have the anniversary celebration you would have had if he'd been there in person. :)

ABW said...

Happy Anniversary!!!

So glad that he was able to call.

TripleE said...

Thank you everyone for the well wishes.
I wasn't very clear in my post last is our 12th anniversary. I was just contemplating the day ahead and the last 11 that have slipped by. We don't usually do a lot of celebrating, but we always watch our wedding video together. I haven't done that, I'll save it for R&R.
Thanks Again!

Claire said...

Happy Anniversary! Congratulations and here's (lifting my glass) to the next wonderful and happy dozen years!

Buck Pennington said...

A belated Happy Anniversary, Triple E!