Wednesday, December 26, 2007

the day after

The day after Christmas tradition of the in-laws.
It was a beautiful day at the beach. Several tons of sand arrived home in pockets and in the car... but isn't that why vacuum cleaners were invented?
We had a wonderful Christmas although I was weepy at times. The kids had a blast playing all day. I ate more yesterday than all last week total.
I can't wait until next Christmas when Stuntman is here and we can enjoy it as a complete family.

Only 15 more hours until I meet, in-person, an amazing blog friend! Yippie! Coffee and conversation with a grown-up! Yippie!


Butterfly Wife said...

I came over here this morning to copy your address so I could tell people that we were going to meet. And there you are, apparently just as excited as I am. How cool is that? :D

See you in less than 3.5 hours!

trying said...

Wow adult conversation!! Hope you have a good time and enjoy not having to cut up anyones food! : )