Wednesday, December 12, 2007

What a beautiful day

OK... I complain about living in LA sometimes... smog, crazy people, it costs too much $$$, no one speaks english, etc...
but today it seemed all worth it. It was chilly last night, maybe 40 degrees. (hey, I know what real chilly is, I grew up in Minnesota and played outside in below zero temps, but it's all relative)
Today was gorgeous. 60, sunny, no wind or a cloud in the sky.
I brought E2 and E3 to the pony rides at Griffith Park, then a little train ride. We followed with a couple hours at Shane's Inspiration, a great playground specifically designed for kids with disabilities, but also an awesome playground for all kids. I usually have a star-sighting there, but not today.
After dinner, the kiddos donned their jammies, we loaded up the car and we went to the coffee drive-thru for chocolate shakes for the kids and an eggnog latte for me. We drove around looking at Christmas lights for over an hour. One neighborhood we visited really goes all out. Each street has a theme and almost every home for blocks and blocks is decorated. Stuntman would love to live in a neighborhood like that.


Fab Boy About Town said...

I live in LA and I had no clue that we had a park in town>>> and ponies too?!

Lindsay said...

Oh! I'm jealous! Can I come next time? Nothing gets me in the spirit like driving around around town with a hot chocolate and looking at Christmas lights!

Buck Pennington said...

Oh ya, driving around and looking at the lights is a time-honored American tradition! I have oh-so-fond memories of doing just that with my parents in various locations around the world, and doing the same with my kids, too. Those are the sort of memories that stick!