Tuesday, December 18, 2007

To the Fallen Records

Today, I received my order of CD's from To the Fallen Records.
I ordered "Rock-Vol 1" and "Country- Vol 1". There is also a hip-hop CD, but I didn't order it... one hip-hop song now and then is OK, but I couldn't handle an entire CD.
I've listened to both of them while I was working tonight. twice.
I have some new favorite songs, and a couple made me absolutely bawl.
fight for me on the rock album is great.
start saving me expresses exactly how I feel on my bad days with lyrics such as "I'm holdin' on, I can barely breathe, come on home,and rescue me, forget the world, start saving me"
There are several more that I would like to talk more about, but a baby is calling my name... maybe tomorrow.


Stephanie said...

Oooh! I didn't realize Mike Corrado was on there! I've been waiting for his new album to come out with "Start Saving Me" for months and it isn't due out for a little longer. Now I know where to get it. :D Which album is it on?

TripleE said...

Stephanie, "Start Saving Me" is on Rock Vol 1.

Ann M. said...

We're waiting until all the Christmas bills are paid up in January to order them, but I cannot wait :) YAY!

trying said...

I;ve thought about ordering them but I know they will probably just make me cry like a baby. Too darn sentimental....