Sunday, December 30, 2007

Mid-life crisis?

Yesterday I received my first tattoo.
It's not as if it was a spur of the moment thing. I've had the appointment for 3 months.
I wanted to do it not only because I'll be 40 soon, but also to remember this year. The palm tree represents my SoCal hubby Stuntman... and see the 3 little coconuts? E1, E2 and E3.
I cropped and blurred the photo a bit to disguise Stuntman's real name, but you can see most of the tattoo.
The artist, Henry Powell, did a great job, I think.
We (I went with a friend that received her first tattoo) chose him because we knew many people that had been tattooed by him in the past. He was worth the 3 month wait.
He's one of the artists at six feet under.
I hadn't even thought about the pain, until today. It wasn't that bad. I wouldn't want full body art, but not that bad.
This is from someone that has had 3 kids and has had her knee accidently bend the wrong direction at one time... and the title of my blog? how do you think I came up with that?... I'm not known to be injury free.
I like it, and I guess that's what matters... I haven't received an email back from Stuntman yet with his reaction.
I received an email back from Stuntman... "I take that as a yes, that you will be there when I come home"
I guess there have been a few Dear John's in his unit.


Butterfly Wife said...

Oh! I like it. Looks like some great work.

Anonymous said...

Love It! I got my first tattoo this year for my birthday. It was a wonderful way to celebrate!

stuffed said...

Sweet. Love Stuntman's reaction. :0)

Buck Pennington said...

I like it, as well. But you left out a critical piece of info, TripleE... like "where is it?" And I don't mean GPS-coordinates, either. ;-)

Ah..."Dear John" letters. Not a happy thought. Not at ALL. I've never received one, but I've watched otherwise hard men melt into pools of grief and despair as they read one. More than once. THAT sucks.

A Soldier's Wife..... said...

I'm with Buck.... :D

I have had this battle rage on with myself for the last few years over whether to get mine or with a teen pressing on the verge of womanhood (pressing on the verge of shoving me over the edge of sanity along with her) I wonder if it is such a good idea, in keeping with the do as I say, not as I do..... advise thingy....

I love the tattoo....and stuntman's reaction....I do wonder this a thing with women when they hit the "I'm going to turn 40 soon" timeframe....the closer I get the more I think about "INK"

Happy New Year


TripleE said...

Buck, it's on my lower back/ upper hip area. Not so low that my pants need to be falling down in order to see it :)
A soldier's wife, good luck with the teen thing, I can't help you there. I'm not looking forward to the teen years at all.

Buck Pennington said...

Ah. Thanks for the clarification, TripleE. Satisfies the "Enquiring Minds," ya know... mine and others! ;-)

Vypergirl said...

Oh I love it! I was wondering how it was going to turn out :) Maybe I should start thinking about when I really will go get mine.....hmmmmmmm

Guard Wife said...

You're WAY cooler than I am! :) Neat!

Dear John letter writers need a good butt kicking, imho...I'd be happy to hand some out as a public service. Just seems a very selfish thing to do.