Sunday, December 16, 2007

My crush

SNL had a special tonight remembering Chris Farley... 10 years after his death. I missed some of it because I just wasn't aware that it was going to be on.
Chris Farley cracks me up. Tommy Boy is my all-time favorite movie. His death was unnecessary, disturbing, sad but not surprising. He followed in John Belushi's footsteps...two great losses, both jut 33 years old when they died.
Stuntman saw Chris Farley shortly before he died.
Stuntman knew (but did not believe) of my infatuation with the man. He was on my list along with Brad Pitt, George Clooney, Val Kilmer and Kid Rock.
Humor is a straight shot to my heart. That's what first interested me in Stuntman, and his cute butt of course.


Jan Wesner said...

You already know we share that strange Kid Rock crush. When Mark was here on leave, he was nice enough to buy me Kid Rock's new CD. I crank it up as loud as I can stand whenever I'm in the car without my kids (explicit lyrics). There's a song that goes "Who's gonna give me some sugar tonight?" And I just KNOW he's singing it to me ... sigh ...

TripleE said...

Jan, I've put the word out to a few people that the new CD would be a good Christmas present for me... hopefully someone listened. I'll just buy it myself in a week if someone didn't... but you know...I think he may have written that song for me :)