Wednesday, December 5, 2007

He has no idea how lucky he is

Chocolate Chip, the hamster, is staying in my office for a few weeks.
My mother is visiting from Minnesota and sleeping in the girl's room. Hamsters are nocturnal... Grandma is not... so therefore, Chocolate Chip has a new temporary home. His cage is placed inside a baby playpen... I have no shelf or table space available in my office, it's a bit of a mess... I'm sure a fire marshall would have me fined, or arrested.
Sparky stepped into my office tonight and began sniffing and trying to reach under the playpen. Then I see a flash of black and white on the floor. I fly out of my chair, grab Sparky, and drag her out of my office.
Little Chocolate Chip is sitting there , out in the open, looking at me.
That hamster really has no survival instinct, but he is soooo lucky.


Ann M. said...

Heeeheeehee, my brother had four hamsters, all named Sam. Our dog, part german shepard, part collie, would wait til the hamster snuck out (my brother was not good at closing the cage properly) and sitting on them.

Then we'd have a flat Sam.

Chocolate Chip sure is lucky.

trying said...

HA! It's a good thing that chocolate chip has a guardian hamster looking out for him!