Sunday, March 30, 2008

Cake and stuff

This is the cake made by E1.
She received a cake decorating kit for Christmas from Grandma. It's the kit that you probably have seen advertised on TV, many, many times. E1 did everything for this cake... I only put the pans in out of the oven.
It was delicious :)

For my birthday, I have decided to give my name back to myself.
I never really liked TripleE. My given name is Susan... so I'll go by that mostly. I'm sure I'll make comments around the blogsphere using TripleE now and then, but here, I'm Susan.
Sorry for the confusion :)


Reasa said...

Hello Susan and Happy Birthday!!! I am glad to meet you.

Buck said...

The cake looks delicious, indeed!

I noticed the "Sue" on the cake in yesterday's post and thought "OPSEC!" But now I see there's reason to your rhyme... or is that rhyme to your reason? ;-)

Butterfly Wife said...

Susan? You have a real name? I think that is a fake blogging name you made up. In person you seem much more like an Elsie or Dorcas (ok, those are the only 2 old lady names I could come up with). But if you'd prefer for us to call you "Susan", I guess that is your choice, Susan. ;-)

I LOVE E1's cake. It looks like the kind of cake I would make. :D

Take care, my friend.

Susan said...

Ok... you got me.
Dorcas is on my birth certificate ;-)

Marine Wife said...

Love the cake! and nice to "meet" 'cha, Susan!