Saturday, March 22, 2008

Spring has sprung

It was a beautiful and warm day today. 90 degrees and sunny.
On the road, there were many people driving convertibles with the top down. I've never had a convertible. They're not very practical in Minnesota, and since I've lived in California, I've mainly driven company cars or my minivan.
Stuntman's pickup did have a removable sun roof that we would take off when we went out 4x4ing ... we stopped doing that when we hit a big mud pit once and mud splashed inside on us.
It was so warm today that I wore a short skort. My legs are so pale that they are almost transparent. Note to self: use the self-tanning lotion tonight, and tomorrow, and the next day.

Tomorrow is Easter. Easter has been my favorite holiday for as long as I can remember. When I was little, it was probably because it was usually near my birthday. I also loved (and still do) reading the story of the empty tomb. It is still my favorite day of the year.

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