Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Part of him is still here

Stuntman left home at the end of R&R more than 2 weeks ago.

The morning he left, he changed his ACU shirt when he realized that the one he was wearing was faded more than his pants. He removed the velcro patches and the pins and put them onto his new shirt. The old one was hung on the back of a kitchen chair.

It's still there.


Buck said...

He removed the velcro patches and the pins and put them onto his new shirt.

Progress. That simple activity would have taken me at least an hour (and that's optimistic) of ripping and then sewing. Nah, make that two hours. I was a lousy seamstress, or whatever the male equivalent is. I usually did that sort of thing myself, too... until pretty late in the game.

I'm willing to bet Stuntman's shirt stays on the back of that chair for quite some time, too.

trying said...

I say leave it there for a while. I once stepped over a towel on the bedroom floor for a month.

Rosie said...

I bet it'll stay there until right before he comes home ;) It's like having "a part of him" with you.

I kept Chuck's worn shirt for a long while after he left. I asked him to mail me a "new" one once the smell of the old one was gone. I love smelling him before I go to sleep :) as well as having "a part of him" with me.

Claire said...

I kept one of Bryan's shirts when I went to Benning to visit him during training. It smelled like the field... and I swear if I could bottle that smell I would have. It brought me some comfort. I hope the days pass quickly for you, and the comes soon when Stuntman is home again to fill that shirt.

Guard Wife said...

I kept a straw in my car that Brian used for orange juice from McDonald's the day we had breakfast for the last time before he deployed and I went home alone...the cup was there for MONTHS and finally, I decided to take the cup out, but I couldn't throw it ALL away. I kept the straw in my glove box. My mom thought I was losing it, but it made perfect sense to me.