Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Easter memory

Jan, over at Standing By has a funny post about last year's Easter experiences. It made me recall Easter two years ago.
The tradition at our house is this:
Up early... attend early Easter mass. Arrive home and see that the Easter Bunny visited the house while we were gone. The kids search for eggs in the front yard and then notice a basket for them on the front porch. It's been the same , up until 2 years ago.
To pull this off, Stuntman hides the eggs in the wee hours of the morning, then when we bring the kids to the car, we keep them distracted so they don't notice any brightly colored eggs in the bushes. Stuntman then has to "go back into the house because he forgot something" and sets out the baskets.
Two years ago, the tradition was going as planned, the girls found the eggs, the baskets, and were in the living room dumping out their eggs and looking at the candy.
It seems that a couple years ago, egg manufacturers thought it was necessary to put tiny little holes into the eggs. I don't know why, so the plastic chick can breathe? I don't know. Anyhow, the grass was damp that morning, and slugs squeezed their way inside of the eggs. After the girls had opened a few eggs, they began seeing the slugs. They were everywhere.
The blood-curdling screams that came from our house must have terrified the neighbors.

Last year the eggs were hidden inside the house.

Stuntman was deployed last Easter also, so I had my neighbor hide the eggs while the kids and I were at church. I hope she can repeat her job as Easter bunny this year.

Stuntman bought all of the Easter bunny supplies while he was home on leave and right now I have an email to him that is awaiting a response. It says "where did you hide the Easter stuff?!"
I hope he replies soon.


Inquiries said...

Slugs! Yuck. I hope Stuntman remembers where he hid the Easter goodies.

trying said...

Oh that is DISGUSTING! You should make sure to print this post up to explain to their significant others later in life why they are terrified of plastic eggs!

I hope you get your email soon, I know what thats like. I hate it when flyboy "puts things away" and then leaves for a while.

Buck said...

Last year the eggs were hidden inside the house.

Now THAT was a LOL-moment for me!