Saturday, March 15, 2008

the ranch

We visited a friend today. He, lets call him "B", and his wife have a horse ranch about an hour and a half from here with some of the most beautiful horses that I have ever seen. I don't know my horse terminology well, but they are dressage and jumping horses, about 30 of them. The girls wanted to ride one, but I wasn't about to let them on a horse that cost more than my house... I didn't know if there was a "you break it, you buy it" policy.
E1 had fun talking with the horse trainers and riders and asking how they liked their job. What is it with little girls and horses?
We spent over 5 hours there and the kids were wiped out when we left. We'll have to go back soon. B said that the girls could ride one next time. We'll see. They aren't exactly the pony rides at Griffith Park.
I received some good investment advice and had a great political chat with someone that gets it. Last time I took his investment advice, I had a HUGE return, but I didn't take it soon enough, or invest enough, or I would now be a multi-millionaire. Oh well, live and learn.

I did see my dream house down the road from him is for sale, but I think that my net worth needs to be moved over a decimal place before I can afford it.

*update* I saw the realtor's listing for the house online.... over 3 mil and over 11,000 sq.ft. , who needs 11,000 sq.ft.? I would never be able to leave the house, I would never be able to find my keys or the kids shoes if I had to search 11,000 sq.ft. for them!


Inquiries said...

Great picture of the horse. You dream house looks nice. Almost like a fairy tale. Big white house on top if a green hill.

A Soldier's Wife..... said...

Girls and horses, my husband is making me search for homes when we move so that we can have a horse, I think there are going to be plenty where we are going that we can borrow one.

Yeah, the house, I'd need a map and is that the guest house or the servant's quarters?

More questioning to me is WHY is it for sale......


LoveMyTanker said...

Glad you all enjoyed the horses! Don't they just make you smile? I love and enjoy my horses and encourage everyone to get out and find some horse love :)

Beautiful home......I dream of homes and ranches!!

Buck said...

Ah...the house is three mil coz it has its own vineyard, right?

Or are those frames for growing hops? ;-)