Thursday, March 27, 2008

Circus dog, part 2

I am sure that Emma escaped from the circus before she ended up at the pound. We nicknamed her circus dog before.
Today, the kids were playing outside on the playset and "camping" at the top. Emma wanted to join in the fun and climbed up the ladder. She stayed up there as long as the kids did, then took the ladder back down. The slide was too intimidating for her.
That's one place she can escape from Sparky when she's a pest.

Emma went down the slide today (Friday). She's a riot!
Also... We LOVE this swingset! We purchased it almost a year ago from Playwell, a great local company.. I highly recommend them if you are in the market for a playset of your own.
We'll be adding options (such as a rock wall) when E3 is a little older.


trying said...

ooooh great swing set! I love that the slide is to scary but she's cool with the ladder!

Bon said...

Look at her grin! LOL That just makes me smile.

Buck said...

That's a very cool playset!

Guard Wife said...

What an awesome playset!! The dog is so cute!!! :)

We had a decidedly less awesome playset left behind by the previous owners that was taken out by a tree when a storm blew it down...CRASH!!! Divine intervention??? I'm thinking Henry and Annie would love a slide. LOL