Sunday, March 30, 2008

I don't think so

I don't discuss politics here usually... never, actually.
I read and think about politics a lot, but don't discuss it here.
No one's coming here for my political insight... there are numerous other sites for that.
... but something caught my eye the other day while I was watching CNN (I only watch CNN at the gym, I don't have any news channels on during the day while the kids are around... too disturbing)
There was discussion about calls urging Hilary Clinton to bow out of the race now.
OK... I pay minor attention to the battles on the other side of the aisle... but what?!
It wasn't that long ago that her nomination was a given, I'm sure she was already packed to move back into the white house.
She really doesn't seem the type to give up that easily.


Ann M. said...

I try not to pay too much attention now too, because people are just predicting stupid things and they're practically always wrong. They're worse than weather people. And nobody holds them accountable, either. The next day, when they've been proven wrong, it was just 'unexpected' or 'surprising' or whatever, then they're off to the next ridiculous idea.

Susan (aka TripleE) said...

... well said!