Saturday, March 8, 2008

Like it should be

Late last night, Stuntman and I were cozy on the sofa, watching a replay of the Daytona Supercross. It was a great race to watch. The torrential rain had soaked the track and the riders were barely making it through the mud and muddy lakes that were once a supercross track. It reminded us of a dirtbike outing we had years ago. We rode in the rain and were covered in mud from head to toe. The bikes were so full of mud that we could barely hold onto them or load them into the truck. We laughed hysterically. It was such a fun day.

E3 woke up part way through the race last night and wanted to watch one of his shows on TV. He snuggled between us and he watched the race with us. It must be in the genes. I remember when I was in my hospital room, E3 was hours old, and I was watching motorcross on TV when Stuntman came back to the hospital with the girls. Maybe E3 remembered that :)

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Buck said...

I loved mud back in my racing days...and was something of mud "specialist." Every single trophy I took was taken in the rain...

Ah. Memories. Good things, those. Thanks for the "assist," TripleE.