Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Pool maintenance

I cleaned the pool today.
It wasn't very dirty. Stuntman did a very thorough cleaning of it when he was here. I had let it go a bit. It wasn't filthy, but it sure wasn't clean.
When Stuntman arrived home on leave, he had made a comment about me not needing his help around here since I seemed to have everything under control... then he saw the pool.

Since the first day of spring is this week, I'm making a promise to myself that I will keep the pool clean. I'll need to drop the ball somewhere else now... I wonder where.


Guard Wife said...

I pick dog grooming...have someone else do it, even though they are tiny.

Or, maybe, cooking. Heck, just order in from now until then b/c, well, the pool IS important. :)

TripleE said...

I'm suppose to be grooming the dog?

Inquiries said...

Pool maintenance can be a pain.