Sunday, March 23, 2008

Eggs and sprinklers

The kids are outside running in the sprinklers.
It's 90 degrees. On Easter.
At least I didn't need to worry that they would be too cold in their dresses this morning.
The day has gone very well so far.
We made it to mass in plenty of time to get our regular seats (ones that are near the door in case E3 acts up).
Came home to an egg hunt, had breakfast, bachelor Uncle joined us.
Now I'm sitting here with the hams warming in the oven, surfing the net a bit, waiting to go to the cousin's house.

I really miss my husband today.

There was an email from him today... he received his care package with the Easter egg in it. Just in time.


A Soldier's Wife..... said...

It's days like today that make us miss them more.....I have to say I'm envious of your day. Being virtually bedridden and unable to walk, I wish I could have had your day. I hope you enjoy the rest of it and mark it off as one more day closer to his return.....I missed my husband pretty badly today too.


Inquiries said...

Happy Easter TripleE.

It is hard to express the depth of gratitude that I feel towards the men and woman in the military and their familys. So I will just say thank you.

trying said...

Happy easter!

I know what you mean about really missing hubby today. We had our first successful easter egg hunt and hubs missed out... again. A nasty trend with military life huh! : )

hope you got some good candy to nibble on when the kids are in bed!

TripleE said...

all I can say is that I'm wiped out... a combination of a sugar crash, too much sun and chasing after E3 all day up and down hills.

A Soldier's Wife..... said...

Yeah, don't miss those chasing down the sugar infused little ones, a dart gun full of a mild tranquilizer always went through my mind....ugh, ladies and gentlemen, give it up to the world's worst mom for even thinking that way, at least I never acted out on my thoughts :) Night.

Buck said...

I thought about ya when I saw your WX on the WX Channel last evening, TripleE. We had a cold front come through yesterday and we almost made it to about half of your high temp...

Ann M. said...

The holidays are hard, and it sounds like you handled it admirably well.

Glad he got his care package on time.